Left to right. Up and down. Forward and backwards. Progress, regress. Advance or retreat. All of these require movement and have their own reason. Often we look for direction before moving but sometimes you just need to go – figure it out afterwards. I write these words because I have spent too long sitting still and not in a good, relaxing, peaceful way. In a frozen by fear kinda way. Fear of failure. There it is, I said it, I admitted it. I fear failing because for me being an artist and designer makes up the fabric of my life. It’s more than just identity, it’s how I interact with and make sense of the world around me. Like a small stream can eventually carve its own path through a landscape, my stammer amongst other things growing up was that stream for me. It shut off a key tool in communication and expression for me and that was my voice. I also had hearing issues, leaving me in my own little world. So I drew, painted, built and fixed things. Eventually writing also helped me und